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Give a user administrator privileges in Google Apps

You can give any user administrator privileges. A user with administrator privileges can log into the Google Apps administrator control panel and perform any action available from the control panel, such as create users, enable or disable services, or change account settings.

  1. Log in to the Google Apps administrator control panel.

    The URL is https://www.google.com/a/cpanel/primary-domain-name, where primary-domain-name is the domain name you used to sign up for Google Apps.

  2. Find the user account.

    There are a few alternative ways to find a user account:
    • Enter the first few characters of the user's email address in the search box at the top of the Google Apps control panel, then click Search accounts.
    • From the Dashboard page, click the Email link, then Email addresses.
    • Click the Organization & users tab, then select the organizational unit to which the user belongs.

  3. Click the row for the user account to display the user information page.

  4. Click the Privileges tab.

  5. Select the check box labeled Allow [User's first name] to administer [account].

  6. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

  7. Click OK to confirm that you want to grant administrator access to the user.

Tip: To change an admin account, first create a new admin account. Then log in to the new admin account and delete the initial admin's account or revoke their admin privileges.

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